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Backlinks still comprise a major portion of Google's algorithm.

That means you need them – but you need the right backlinks.

How do you know the difference between good backlinks and bad ones?

Good links generally come from well-established websites, whose content is contextually relevant to your own.

Google loves to reward websites like yours, who choose to get quality backlinks — the ones who bulk buy spammy directory links get punished time and time again!

Because there are only so many useful directories...

I offer two extremely reliable, white-hat link building methods.

  • Guest Post Links

    I write a blog post that is about, or includes information relevant to, your business. I then include the link to your site inside the article for reference, and get the post placed on a website that is sure to pass you great SEO value through the link. Because I only select sites that have engaged readership, I can guarantee a percentage of that comes to your site through the link.

  • Curated Links

    Curated Links are links that I get inserted into existing content on other websites, through outreach. This has tremendous value, because the content is aged and has established value and backlinks already pointing to it, which then have value passed to YOUR website. These links stand the test of time because the content is already aged.

Questions I get asked often about backlinks:

I have tools that allow me to effectively research backlink opportunities unique to your website’s content, and relative to your competitors.

I’ve also been doing this a long time, and have built many network connections through many hours of outreach and collaboration.

I can’t, but I can promise to get the best links I possibly can. I do this by customizing my approach to each client’s specific backlink profile’s needs, opportunities, and competition. 

I’ve been doing this a long time, and have built many networking connections over my 10+ year career. I’m confident that I can get the links built within each month, because I DO IT, month after month for my clients!

I will refund you the difference for the links I didn’t get, and get them for you the following month for free!

Don’t get too excited about free links — I can count on one hand the number of times that’s happened over the years. 🙂

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