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Here's my typical process:

I take account of your current site, its on-page technical setup, keyword targeting, rankings, and content.

Then, I review your competitors’ backlink profiles, keyword rankings, and content.

Now that we know where you stand relating to them, we craft a content and backlinking strategy to drive the most value to your newly optimized site!

01- SEO Audit

I learn where your site currently sits in the SEO landscape - what issues it has, what your competitors are doing, and what gaps we can exploit to get meaningful results.

02 - Strategy

I craft a customized strategy specific to the needs and opportunities of your business and niche.

03 - Work & Measure

I generate content, build links, fix on-site issues, adjust analytics tags, and measure the success of these efforts over time and report back to you monthly.

Michael P Green SEO Specialist in Salt Lake City Utah Logo

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